Tokyo 2020: Women’s 10000 Metres Final Start List

Tokyo 2020: Women’s 10000 Metres Final Start List

For the past decades, long-distance events have been dominated by Africans. The women’s 10000 metres by Ethiopians, Kenyans, or the Ugandans. The Rio 2016 Olympic Games saw the dominance of the Africans in long-distance events.

Tomorrow we will be witnessing history once again. Helen Obiri is in the limelight of distance running in the world currently. Letesenbet Gidey from Ethiopia will be a threat to the race. Sifan Hassan the undisputed and unpredictable distance runner in the world currently will be going for a third medal at Tokyo Olympic Games. Tokyo 2020: Women’s 10000 metres final start list.


Below is the full start list

  1. Camille Buscomb
  2. Yasemin Can
  3. Tsehay Gemechu
  4. Kalkidan Gezahegne
  5. Dominique Scott
  6. Emilly Sisson
  7. Helen Obiri
  8. Francine Niyonsaba
  9. Yuka Ando
  10. Irene Chebet Cheptai
  11. Jessica Judd
  12. Alicia Monson
  13. Eilish Mccolgan
  14. Dolshi Tesfu
  15. Sifan Hassan
  16. Mercyline Chelangat
  17. Tsigie Gebreselama
  18. Susan Krumins
  19. Selamawit Teferi
  20. Ririka Hironaka
  21. Konstanze Kloterhalfen
  22. Hitomi Niiya
  23. Karissa Schweizer
  24. Sarah Lahti
  25. Sheila Chelangat
  26. Andrea Seccafien
  27. Letesenbet Gidey
  28. Karoline Bjerkeli Grovdal
  29. Meraf Bahta

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