Oran Olympic Complex To Host African Senior Championship

Oran Olympic Complex To Host African Senior Championship

The 22nd edition of the Africa Senior Championships is a continental sporting event for which the Federation of African Athletics (FAA) and Confederation of African Athletics (CAA) want to give another dimension with the greatest and widest visibility possible on national and international levels.

As a sporting competition, this event is also intended to be an African celebration, with the participation of the stars of the continent who would like to confirm their levels and shine with thousand lights.

One month before the Tokyo Olympic Games, the event in Oran will be an opportunity for some African Athletes to offer themselves another high level competition and for others to force their destinies in search of the required standards. Oran Olympic Complex To Host African Senior Championship

The Confederation of African Athletics (CAA) agreed to the postponement of the African Athletics Championships (AAC) until 2021

The African Athletics Championships, set to take place in Algiers the capital city of Algeria, was postponed until 2021 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Originally the Championships were scheduled for June 24 to 28 2020 but they will now take place in May or June this year, from 1st – 5th June yet to be confirmed.

Τhe works for the installation of the lighting system in the 40,000-seat Olympics stadium at the Oran Olympic Complex has been completed, allowing technical testing to begin at the new stadium, which will host the 2021 Confederation of African Athletics (CAA) African Athletics Championships (AAC) from 1-5 June in Oran, Algeria

The Oran City

Oran is a port city in northwest Algeria. This city is popularly known as the birthplace of rai folk music. Fort Santa Cruz, an Ottoman citadel rebuilt by the Spanish. It sits on top Mount Murdjadjo and has views of the bay below. Nearby is the whitewashed Chapelle Santa Cruz. This famous building was built after the cholera epidemic. In La Blanca, the Turkish old town is the 18th century Pacha Mosque with an octagonal minaret. Nearby, Kasr El Bey is an Ottoman Palace. Oran weather condition differs of which an average temperature of 26.2 degree Celsius in August that is the hottest month of the year. In January the average temperature is 11.8 degree Celsius. It is the coldest month of the year.

Oran has an altitude of 116.71m (382.91ft). Oran City is considered as the second most important city of Algeria after the capital Algiers. It has a population of 1.468 million as of 2019 population census.

The Oran Olympic Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Belgaid, Bir El Dijrin the suburb of Oran, Algeria, North Africa. The Oran Olympic Stadium was completed in 2019, it was mostly used for football matches. The stadium is the home of MC Oran, replacing their current Ahmed Zabana Stadium. The capacity is 40,143 people.

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