Yulimar Rojas Wins Women's World Indoor Tour In Madrid

Yulimar Rojas Wins Women’s World Indoor Tour In Madrid

Yulimar Rojas set a new world indoor record of 15.41m, just two centimeters short of her own. Two years ago, in the same venue at the Centro Deportivo Municipal de Gallur, the Olympic champion set the world indoor record of 15.43m. Two additional valid jumps of 15.35m and 14.90m, as well as three fouls, were recorded by the Venezuelan superstar.

Venezuela’s Yulimar Rojas wins the women’s World Indoor Tour in Madrid with 15.41m. Cuba’s Lladagmis Povea took second place with 14.08m and Italy’s Ottavia Cestonaro also placed third with 13.63m.

Yulimar Rojas: “It was very good, and for my first competition it went really well. There are small details we need to work on, but I felt really good and it was what we wanted. It’s always great to compete in Madrid, with so many people in the stands making such a nice atmosphere”. 

Leading Results

  1. Yulimar Rojas – Venezuela – 15.41m
  2. Liadagmis – Cuba – 14.08m
  3. Ottavia Cestonaro – 13.63m



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