You Have Our Full Support – GAA to Sekondi-Takoradi Marathon Organisers

You Have Our Full Support – GAA to Sekondi-Takoradi Marathon Organisers

Mr. Bawah Fuseini, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA), has stated that the annual Sekondi-Takoradi Marathon (STM) has his organization’s full support.

Mr. Bawa stated at the Press Launch of the 2021 Sekondi-Takoradi Marathon that the first edition of the event was sanctioned and was a huge success, adding that they had no choice but to sanction this year’s event.

“In terms of organization, last year was a huge success, and the organizers met all of the major requirements we set for them.”

“We ran one of the fastest marathon times in the country’s history. A period of time that can be used for international competitions. “We anticipate significant improvements in the second edition,” Mr. Bawa said.

“It is an honor for me to be here to witness this magnificent launch. The Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) has partnered with Willie in the Takoradi-Marathon since last year, and we sanctioned it last year and again this year. Unfortunately, we had the fastest time ever recorded within a 21-kilometer race last year. And it’s the National Record; I’m hoping that this time someone will break it.

We were overjoyed that the program was a huge success. We are hoping that they will do better this year than they did last year. Whatever we’re going to do, we’ve already done it with a friend from the National Sports Authority.”
“We have fully supported and endorsed the race. We can only hope that it continues in this manner in the future. This will be an international race for athletes from all over the world, not just Ghanaians.

The times we’ll be recording here should be recognized internationally as well. We can use the time to compete in any international competition for Ghana. We can assure the organizers that we are working on it and that it will take place.”
“I have only one suggestion for the organizers: the prize money should be paid immediately after the race or on time.” We need to be very careful about what we promise and what we deliver. If we are unsure about the prizes, we should not promise them to the athletes. Prizes must be prepared, and athletes must be aware of the available packages. If the entry fee is GHC 2,000 or GHC 10,000, we should make it public as soon as possible so that when athletes register, they are fully aware that I am registering for this event. If I win, I will receive GHC 5,000 or GHC 10,000″, he added.

Mr. Bawa Fuseini stated, “As soon as the race is finished, the rewards must be ready,” which is his only request to the organizers.


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