World Skate Announces Slalom Skateboard Racing Debut
World Skate Announces Slalom Skateboard Racing Debut
Slalom Skateboard Racing will make its debut at the 2022 World Skate Games in Argentina, which will take place from October 24 to November 13. This discipline is being taught to the rest of the World Skate community.

Slalom racing has been a component of skating since the 1960s and has persisted in some form or another over the years. The International Slalom Skateboarding Association (ISSA) has overseen and supported the sport for the past 30 years, keeping active rider regions organized, with standardized rules, sanctioned events, and a global ranking system to honor the best slalom in the world, runners, and to encourage participation in local, national, continental, or global events.

More recently, members of the World Skate Skateboard Technical Commission and the ISSA Board of Directors came together to form the World Skate Slalom Working Group. The goal is to foster the growth of slalom skateboarding as a professional sport within the IOC-recognized governing body.

The new Slalom Task Force’s key objectives include increasing global participation in the sport and gradually including slalom skateboarding in Olympic cycling events.

Skateboard slalom competition in the 2022 World Skate Games is already planned, with three events: giant, hybrid, and tight slalom races slated for October 27-November 1, in San Juan, Argentina.

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