Winter Snowstorm to hit New England – Bernie Rayno

Winter Snowstorm to hit New England – Bernie Rayno

By: AccuWeather

Winter snowstorm is expected to hit New England, United States according to Chief On-Air Meteorologist Bernie Rayno.

AccuWeather analysts are keeping a close eye on a huge winter storm that is anticipated to form along the East Coast this weekend. The storm is most expected to hit New England hardest, but sections of the eastern Carolinas and large cities in the mid-Atlantic may receive a glancing blow.

According to AccuWeather Chief On-Air Meteorologist Bernie Rayno, the storm will rapidly intensify off the Atlantic coast, packing a lot of snow and wind on its backside.

“This could be a huge snowstorm for New England,” Rayno said, adding that the threat for 6 inches of snow or more increases for locations farther north along the Eastern Seaboard, with New England facing the highest threat — and that includes from other hazards on top of the snowfall.

There is every reason to believe that a storm will form and strengthen off the southern Atlantic coast later this week. As it proceeds northward near New England from Friday through Saturday, the storm could intensify enough to be designated as a bomb cyclone.

A bomb cyclone, also known as bombogenesis, occurs when the central pressure of a storm drops by 0.71 inch (24 millibars) or more within 24 hours. When the pressure drops, winds rush in at a faster rate toward the storm’s center. Winds can carry a lot of moisture with them and release it in the form of a lot of precipitation. Heavy snow and blizzard conditions can occur if the air temperature is cold enough.

Winter Snowstorm to hit New England - Bernie Rayno
Winter Snowstorm to hit New England – Bernie Rayno

“The time of the year and the current pattern is ripe for an East Coast snowstorm this weekend,” Rayno said.

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