William Amponsah Makes A Shock U-Turn To Run Asante Akyem Marathon

William Amponsah Makes A Shock U-Turn To Run Asante Akyem Marathon
William Amponsah

William Amponsah Makes A Shock U-Turn To Run Asante Akyem Marathon

Ghana’s long-distance sensational athlete William Amponsah has made a late u-turn to compete in the Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge 2021. Amponsah has been a phenomenal athlete and arguably if not the best but among the best long-distance athletes in West Africa currently. He is Ghana’s fastest athlete and the record holder in the half marathon. William Amponsah makes a shock u-turn to run Asante Akyem Marathon.

Amponsah who was preparing for the 2021 Marrakech Marathon in Morocco has decided to compete in the 4th edition of the 2021 Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge in Ghana. The Marrakech Marathon was scheduled for 19th September 2021, but according to the race organisers the event has been postponed. The new date for the competition is on Sunday 30 January 2022.

For the past 5 years, he has won every road race that was held in Ghana. Amponsah is the only male athlete to beat the Eastern African Athletes in the half marathon event in Ghana.

In an interview with Amponsah, he disclosed this to Athleticshour.com “my training is excellent and I’m in perfect shape because I was preparing for 2021 Marrakech Marathon to compete in the 21km. The initial date was slated for 19th September 2021 but now it has been postponed to next year, 2022. Although my management decided I shouldn’t run any competition which the distance is more than 21km. But this is just 24km and it’s fine….. so I will run” Amponsah said.

He is the current CAA Region II half marathon champion. He won the Millennium Half Marathon in a course record and broke the Ghana National Half Marathon Record in 2019. He later broke the Ghana University Sports Association (GUSA) Games in 5000m and 10,000m in 2020. By then, both previous records were held by Malik Yakubu, one of the best long-distance athletes in Ghana. Amponsah did a time of 14:18.36 in 5000m and 29:53 in 10,000m.

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