Week Five of the Eleven Weeks Half Marathon Training Plan

Week Five of the Eleven Weeks Half Marathon Training Plan

The focus of this week’s training plan is to prepare our minds ahead of the competition. The most difficult day for this week is on Tuesday. To get an accurate result it’s advisable to get a standard track and do it there. If you can’t time yourself ask someone to do it for you. The pace must be faster than your actual half marathon pace. Don’t forget to take fluid or water with you. The weather conditions are not favorable this time with an average of 30˚C.

11 weeks Half Marathon Training Plan.

Week 5

(Week 5 of 12 Weeks) 9th August – 14th August

Week Five of the Eleven Weeks Half Marathon Training Plan.

Beginner Work Out

Day Morning Evening
Monday 30 min moderate 45 min easy
Tuesday 30 min easy 1*2500m/5min, 1*1500m/3min, 1*800m/1min
Wednesday 30 min recovery Little warm-up


Thursday 5km easy 6km moderate
Friday 30 min easy 30 min recovery
Saturday 5*800m/400m rest
Sunday Rest rest

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Amateur Work Out

Day Morning Evening
Monday 10km easy 30 min easy
Tuesday 45 min 1*5000m/5min, 1*3000m/3min, 1*1000m/1 min
Wednesday Rest / 5km easy Rest/Cycling
Thursday 10km easy 12km moderate
Friday 10km easy 10km recovery
Saturday 10*800m/400m Rest
Sunday Rest Rest

All speed work must start with a 15min warm-up and 10min cool-down.

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