(VIDEO) Ghanaian National Heavyweight Champion, wants to fight Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury

(VIDEO) Ghanaian National Heavyweight Champion, wants to fight Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury

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Osumanu Haruna, the newly crowned Ghana Heavyweight Champion, has challenged world champions Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury to a fight. Haruna has a fight record of 15 matches, 13 victories (8KOs), and two losses. (VIDEO) Ghanaian National Heavyweight Champion, wants to fight Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury.


In an exclusive interview at the New Fadama Gym, the 41-year-old fighter with a big heart and a tremendous punch told Yours Truly that he is ready to challenge the greatest in the world.
Haruna, also known as ‘Saabo,’ claims that he has come a long way in boxing and has learned a lot.
He stated that he will just demolish African boxers, but that the world’s big boys in the game are his major aim.

“As for the African boxers, they are no match for me, I want to face Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury” he said


He complimented his manager, Mohammed Abdul Samadu, for his love and caring character, which propelled him into the spotlight following his victory over Nii Ofei Dodoo at the Idrowhyt Events Center to claim the Ghana National title belt.
Meeting the National Chief Imam to receive blessings has also motivated and inspired Osumanu Haruna to take his training to the next level and focus on the business of boxing.
He counselled young people not to give up if they want to accomplish something worthwhile in their lives.

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By: Sammy Heywood Okine

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