US Athletics Scholarship Programme 2021

US Athletics Scholarship Programme 2021

There have been series of issues most of the athletes faced when submitting their data. This time we at have made it very simple and easy for everyone to complete this form.

Every athlete is eligible to apply from grade 8th to College Seniors

Steps to Follow When Completing the US Scholarship Forms

Complete all the required spaces. Where you see the red asterisk mark “*” it means very important and can’t be skipped.

Phase 1 talks about your profile Snapshot.

  1. Email*
  2. Full name*
  3. Age*
  4. Grade*
  5. Height*
  6. Weight*
  7. Event #1* 1. Event #2   7.2. Event #3
  8. Years played*
  9. Other sports*

Phase 2 talks about your contact details.

  1. Scholar Athlete’s Phone*
  2. Scholar Athlete’s Email*
  3. Scholar Athlete’s Address
  4. Scholar Athlete’s Facebook
  5. Scholar Athlete’s Twitter
  6. Scholar Athlete’s Instagram
  7. NCCA Clearinghouse ID#
  8. Parent(s) Name
  9. Parent Phone
  10. Parent Email

Phase 3 talks about your Academic Info.

  1. School*
  2. Address
  3. Cumulative GPA
  4. School Size
  5. Class Size
  6. College Entrance Year*
  7. Potential Major*
  8. SAT Total
  9. SAT Reading
  10. SAT Writing
  11. SAT Math
  12. ACT
  13. Honours Classes (Please List)
  14. AP Classes (Please List)
  15. Dual Credit Classes (Please List)
  16. Academic Achievements (2020-21 School Year and any others)
  17. Guidance Counselor
  18. Email
  19. Phone

Phase 4 is your Athletic Info.

  1. Track and Field Team
  2. Coach
  3. Coach’s Contact Information (Include email and phone contact)
  4. 2020 Statistics (Include all events and season-best times)
  5. Athletic Achievements

Phase 5 is about your Events

  1. Upcoming Events (Include date, the event you will participate in, and the team you will represent)
  2. Past events (Include date, event you participated in, the team you represented, and your results)

Phase 6 is the last stage is about your Service Info

  1. Community Involvement
  2. Leadership Skills
  3. Testimonials
  4. Media Links

The final stage of the US Athletics Scholarship.

Thank you for completing the forms. Make sure you check your email frequently and the number provided must be active.

You can be called at any time for an interview.

Wish you all the best in your athletics career.

If you have any questions or find it difficult to complete this form contact us here.

Below is the link to the Google forms


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