US Athletic Scholarship Application Opened

US Athletic Scholarship Application Opened

The United States of America athletic scholarship for the year 2021/22 is now opened for all athletes. This scholarship grant is very competitive and the athlete must be well prepared before he/she applies.

The United States of America has been admitting students each year into colleges. There are numerous scholarships available in each year. These scholarships are not for only athletes but also for the academics students. But the most competitive of all is the athletic scholarship because in this case the athlete must be good on the field and also have good academic background.

Most of the students find it very difficult to access these type of scholarships. The application is now open for only athletes who wants to study and compete at the same time.

Yes, some of the colleges in the United States of America are looking for qualified athletes. They don’t select any athletes just like that but must also be academically good.

Below are the requirements needed information of academically qualified athletes.

  1. Name
  2. a) Date of birth
  3. a) Event(s) b) Times
  4. WhatsApp contact if any ( it must be active at most times)
  5. Email ( it must be active and the athlete needs to check it regularly)
  6. City/hometown/country
  7. Social media account ( Facebook/Instagram link/name )


Contact Us

Send us a message as we would love to hear from you. Give us a call, email us or send us a Whatsapp message

Use this link


All athletes should send their information to our email address

Athletes will be contacted by the various colleges for further information and the process.

By Sekyere Richard

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