Ultramarathoner Camilla Herron Breaks Another World Record

Ultramarathoner Camilla Herron Breaks Another World Record
The queen of the ultramarathon Camilla Herron has broken another world record in the 100-mile race.
At the United States (US) 100-mile Run Championship that took place in Nevada, ultra-marathon legend Camilla Herron broke several of her own world records.

The athlete shaved almost a minute off her previous time, finishing in 12 hours 41 minutes 11 seconds.

She also set a new record for a 12-hour distance run, covering 152.83 kilometers in that period. Her average speed was 4:44 kilometers per hour.

Camilla dominated the race from start to finish. Arlen Glick, the first male athlete, finished in 13 hours, 10 minutes, and 25 seconds, about half an hour ahead of her.

In December 2021 Camille turned 40 years old and is now performing in the Master’s category.
Another running record on this race – the fastest 50 miles in the age category 40-44 (6:08:24).
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