Tottenham Hit By Covid Again – Antonio Conte discloses 

Tottenham Hit By Covid Again – Antonio Conte discloses

Tottenham has been rocked by new coronavirus fears ahead of the first leg of their League Cup semi-final against Chelsea on Wednesday. Tottenham Hit By Covid Again – Antonio Conte discloses during his press conference.

Spurs had an outbreak in December that affected nine first-team players and resulted in three games being cancelled, but manager Antonio Conte indicated on Monday that there are now two more probable cases in the camp.

The club is awaiting the results of PCR tests, and Conte is praying for no further positive tests on Tuesday in preparation for their trip to the European champions.

“We are checking a couple of situations about Covid,” said Conte at his pre-match press conference.

“We are living with this situation, not only Tottenham but all the clubs. We have to be ready to find always the right solutions, the best solution for the team.

“You make a plan in your mind and sometimes you arrive and players are positive so you have to totally change your plan. It’s not easy, but not only for me but all the managers here.”

“I think that for everyone it’s always very important to win trophies – for the club, for the players, for the managers,” he added.

“But then you have to be good and build something ready to win. At this moment, Chelsea is more ready than us to win. They won the Champions League last season.

“We have a lot of space for improvement, to be a team with the aspiration to win. Then for sure, we’ll do everything to reach the final of this trophy”, he added.

“For me, for sure it’ll be great to come back to Stamford Bridge,” said Conte.

“It’s the first time after I left Chelsea as a manager to come back to Stamford Bridge. I spent two amazing seasons, I created a lot of friendships at the club, we did a really important, good job and I enjoyed working there.

“Also because I have to thank Chelsea because they gave me the possibility to work in England and have my first experiences in England.”

the coronavirus pandemic has now taken a new twist and turn. The new detected Omicron variant is spreading very fast as the World Health Organisation has warned.

Yesterday, the France giants, Paris Sant-Germain also reported that Lionel Messi has tested positive for the virus which left most of the fans in awe.

The WHO has warned all to follow the protocols diligently and get vaccinated immediately.

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