Top 3 Best Male Middle Distance Athletes in Ghana

Top 3 Best Male Middle Distance Athletes in Ghana

These are the top 3 male middle distance athletes in Ghana according to our ratings. This ranking does not has any connections with the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA).

Ghanaian distance athletes are now making big news on the global front. Although when you talk about distance running all attention goes to the Eastern African Countries. The Eastern African countries boast of their high altitude land marks. The high altitude places helps to athletes to train and increase at much faster rate. Training at altitude areas, athletes uses a lot of energy because the oxygen there is very low. This mechanics helps the athletes to perform very well when they are competing at a very low altitude area.  But when you come to the Western part of Africa the altitude is very low and which makes it very difficult to compete in a competition where you found some of the Eastern African countries. Top 3 Best Male Middle Distance Athletes in Ghana

  1. Mathew Vikuba Nantiere  Top 3 Best Male Middle Distance Athletes in Ghana

Nantiere Vikuba Mathew is a semi – professional Ghanaian National Athlete.  Nantiere who is from Ashanti Region has been one of the athletes who has made a lot impact in our athletics for the past 10 years now. Nantiere is always determined and aggressive when it comes to the track. He is always very difficult to be beaten and he has a race strategy in any competition he finds himself. Nantiere won the heart of many coaches and his compatriot’s athletes because of his enthusiasm and passion for athletics. Nantiere has won multiples competitions in Ghana and West Africa.  He also gained a lot opportunities to join any of the services in the country. Nantiere Vikuba Mathew has a personal best of 1:53 seconds in the 800 meters which is still regarded as one of the best times a local athlete to run in Ghana. Nantiere personal best, 14:26 seconds in the 5000 meters ranks him the second best time ever in Ghana. Nantiere won gold medal in the Economic Community of West African States Games (ECOWAS) in the 5000 meters. Nantiere Vikuba Mathew is now an officer in the Ghana Fire Service (GFS). Nantiere is our third best middle and distance athlete in Ghana.

  1.     Yakubu Malik    Top 3 Best Male Middle Distance Athletes in Ghana

Yakubu Malik is arguable one of best middle distance athletes in Ghana. Yakubu Malik is a Ghanaian National Athlete as well.  He has been competing and consistent for the past fifteen years. He was the former record holder in the Ghana Universities Sports Association (GUSA) Games in both the 5000 meters and 10000 meters respectively. Yakubu Malik has won multiple championships in Ghana on the track. He got a nicknamed as ‘King on the track’ because of his unbeaten records on the track. Yakubu runs a personal best in the 10000 meters in a time of 31:46.29 seconds. Yakubu did it at the Essipong Sports Stadium, Sekondi – Takoradi in the Western Region on 27th January, 2018. In fact Yakubu Malik has become the face of many track competitions in Ghana and West Africa at large. Malik is a student of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) in the Central Region of Ghana. Yakubu Malik is the second on our list as the best middle and distance athlete in Ghana.

  1. Amponsah William

    Top 3 Best Male Middle Distance Athletes in Ghana

Amponsah William is regarded as one of the best middle distance athlete that Ghana has ever seen. Amponsah broke the Ghana Universities Sports Association (GUSA) Games in both the 5000 meters and the 10000 meters respectively in just two days. The most astonishing aspect is that Amponsah is a level 100 student and it’s very difficult for a person who is at level 100 to shatter those records just in a single event.  The Ghana Universities Sports Association (GUSA) Games record in the 5000 meters was held by Yakubu Malik a student of University of Cape Coast which was 14:56 seconds in the year 2018. Amponsah run a time of 14:19 seconds which is the best time any local athlete has run in Ghana ever. In the 10000 meters the same record was shattered again which was held by the same person Yakubu Malik which was 32:29 seconds in Tamale, Northern Region of Ghana. Amponsah broke this record by more than 3 minutes off the time, he made a time of 29:53 seconds at the University of Ghana Sports Stadium, Accra in Greater Accra Region.

For the past ten years till now Amponsah had never lost in any competition in Ghana before. He is also well known in West Africa and he has the name ‘the only West African athlete to challenge the Eastern Africans when it comes to competitions’.  Amponsah is regarded as one of best middle and long distance athlete in Ghana currently and West Africa as a whole. Amponsah William is the number one as the best middle and distance athlete in Ghana.

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