Top 10 female finishers: Sekondi – Takoradi Half Marathon

Top 10 female finishers in the Sekondi – Takoradi Half Marathon

Did you know that since independence the Ghana Athletics Association has never sanctioned any road race before 2020? The only road race event that was sanctioned by the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) was the 2020 Sekondi – Takoradi Half Marathon. The event was held on Saturday, 26 December 2020.


The event became the first half marathon that GAA approved their route, time, and organization. The Sekondi – Takoradi is officially the major and the biggest road race event Ghana has ever experienced in our history of athletics.

There has been very little motivation when it’s come to the female to male ratio in sports. We need to encourage a lot of females to take part in most of the sporting activities. But there was a significant improvement in the maiden edition of the Sekondi-Takoradi Half Marathon as compared to others.

Everyone who took part made history and their times were automatically sent to the World Athletics for future reference.  Although there has been a lot of races these results are authentic and certified by the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA).


The first top female 10 athletes in the Sekondi – Takoradi Half Marathon 2020 are automatically the record holders in the Ghana Half Marathon.

This statement was made by Mr. Bawa Fuseini, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA).

  1. Belinda Segbor 1:26.26
  2. Sherrifa Moro 1:27.56
  3. Felicia Babulweri 1:30.12
  4. Mercy Angaamchaa 1:32.36
  5. Amanda Kotambe 1:34.19
  6. Joyce Ayaaba 1:34.28
  7. Emmanuella Atinga 1:38.06
  8. Reina Naawisomaah 1:38.16
  9. Sylvia Taazumah 1:39.52
  10. Alberta Nyani 1:40.58

The full list and their times will be updated later.

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