Tokyo Olympic Games In Limbo

Tokyo Olympic Games In Limbo

The Tokyo Olympic Games which was supposed to be held in 2020 was postponed to 2021. This was due to the unprecedented pandemic that shocked the world at once.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of harm to the world and everything not only the sports fraternity.

Since Tokyo 1964 that was held in Japan, the Tokyo 2020 was to be written as the most advanced and exceptional event to be held in the history of the Olympic Games in the same country again. Unfortunately covid 19 pandemic had rendered the games in awe and now in limbo.

Due to the surge of the pandemic most of the citizens and the sports fans are calling the games to be called off definitely.

About ninty percent (90%) of the athletes had also planned to retire after the Tokyo Olympic Games. Tokyo Olympic Games in limbo. 

These problems had made most of the athletes and fans to loose interest in this event.

Just recently it is reported that about 10,000 of the volunteers have quit the job amid fears of coronavirus infections.

Most of the athletes are new and its their first time and interestingly Olympic Games is the most respected and highest level of event when it comes to Athletics. Actually the Olympic Games is beyond athletics and the athletes just participating it’s a spiritual challenge and the result of your hard work, dedication and perseverance. The Olympic Games is the dream of every athlete to make it to that game in his/her career as an athlete.

The Olympic Games is a multi events which includes all sporting activities in the world.

The Olympic Games is the only event that any athlete earn a new accolade called “Olympian” whether you win or not.

The Olympic Games Committee and the Local Organising Committee are planning of multiple ways and means to make sure the games are held. The latest plan is that every athlete would be tested 2-3 times daily and even some of the counties have also started to test their athletes prior to their arrival in Japan.

Now due to the coronavirus pandemic the game is in limbo

By Sekyere Richard

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