Tokyo 2020 “The Women’s 100m Hurdles Finalists”

Tokyo 2020 “The Women’s 100m Hurdles Finalists”

The women’s 100m hurdles semi-finals were one of the best races in the Tokyo Olympics Athletics event. All the athletes are determined to make it to the finals during the semis. There were 3 semi-final heats.

The qualification standard was that the first 2 athletes in each heat automatically qualify to the semi-final stage. To get the full set the next 2 fastest times are also added to the already 6 qualified athletes. Actually, the qualification system was not easy and all the athletes had done tremendous work to be here.


The women’s 100m hurdles final is scheduled for tomorrow morning’s session. The final will take place at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium behind closed doors. We have one West African athlete who will be challenging for a medal. It seems there will be a new record in the women’s 100m hurdles again.

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn set a new Olympic Record in a time of 12.26 during the semi-final.

Tobi Amusan won her semi-final and became the first finalist since 2000.

Tokyo 2020 “The women’s 100m hurdles finalists”

  1. Gabriele Cunningham, United States, PB=12.53, SB=12.53
  2. Nadine Visser, Netherlands, PB=12.62, SB=12.63
  3. Kendra Harrison, United States, PB=12.20, SB=12.47
  4. Jasmine Camacho-Quinn, Puerto Rico, PB=12.26, SB=12.26
  5. Tobi Amusan, Nigeria, PB:12.48, SB=12.48
  6. Britany Anderson, Jamaica, PB=12.40, SB=12.40
  7. Devynne Charlton, Bahamas, PB=12.61, SB=12,61
  8. Megan Tapper, Jamaica, PB=12.53, SB=12.53

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