Tokyo 2020 “The Men’s Long Jump Finalists”

Tokyo 2020 “The Men’s Long Jump Finalists”

The Tokyo Olympic Games has been a thrilling event for all the athletes. A lot of records being are broken and new winners are being emerged. This Olympics will go down in history as a game to remember. The coronavirus pandemic has also had a great impact on our sports. This is the first time in history that Olympic Games are being held closed doors.

But the athletes have really shown world-class performances in all the sporting disciplines. A quick look at the men’s long jump finalist. There are 12 athletes who will be competing for the ultimate awards in tomorrow’s finals.


Tokyo 2020 “The Men’s Long Jump Finalists”.

  1. Juan Miguel Echevarria from Cuba PB=8.68 and SB=8.50
  2. Eusebio Caceres from Spain PB=8.37 and SB:8.04
  3. Thobias Montler from Sweden PB:8.31 and SB:8.31
  4. Tajay Gayle from Jamaica PB:8.69 and SB:8.29
  5. Changzhou Huang from China PB:8.33 and SB:8.19
  6. Filippo Randazzo from Italy PB:8.12 and SB:8.10
  7. Kristian Pulli from Finland PB:8.27 SB:8.24
  8. Fabian Heinle from Germany PB:8.25 and SB:7.96
  9. JuVaughn Harrison from United states PB:8.47 and SB:8.47
  10. Miltiadis Tentoglou from Greece PB:8.60 and SB:8.60
  11. Yuki Hashioka from Japan PB:8.36 and SB:8.36
  12. Maykel Masso from Cuba 8.39 and SB:8.39

There will be a very great challenge between these athletes.

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