Tokyo 2020 Men’s 3000m Steeplechase Finalists

Tokyo 2020 Men’s 3000m Steeplechase Finalists

The list consists of 15 great and powerful athletes in the world currently. Are we going to get an African, American, European, or Asian Champion this time? We will be expecting a very tough race between these participants in the coming few hours.

There was a very great display in the semis and now we have our 15 finalists to compete for the glory. Tokyo 2020 men’s 3000m steeplechase finalists.


Below is the finalist Start list

  1. Alexis Phelut from France, PB=8:18.67, SB:8:18.67
  2. Ala Zoghlami from Italy, PB= 8:14.06, SB=8:14.06
  3. Benjamin Kigen from Kenya, PB=8:05.12, SB=8:10.80
  4. John Gay from Canada, PB=8:16.99, SB=8:16.99
  5. Lemacha Girma from Ethiopia, PB=8:01.36, SB=8:07.75
  6. Soufiane El Bakkali from Morocco, PB=7:58.15, SB=8:08.54
  7. Benard Keter from United States, PB=8:17.31, SB=8:17.31
  8. Topi Raitanen from Finland, PB=8:16.57, SB=8:19.17
  9. Abraham Kibiwot from Kenya, PB=8:05.72, SB=8:07.81
  10. Mohamed TIndouft from Morocco, PB=8:11.65, SB=8:11.65
  11. Mathew Hughes from Canada, PB=8:11.64, SB=8:13.56
  12. Yemane Haileselassie from Eritrea, PB=8:11.22, SB=8:14.63
  13. Ryuji Mura from Japan, PB=8:09.92, SB=8:09.92
  14. Getnet Wale from Ethiopia, PB=8:05.21, SB=8:09.47
  15. Ahmed Abdelwahed from Italy, PB=8:12.04, 8:12.04

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