Tokyo 2020 Jasmine Camacho-Quinn Wins The Women’s 100m Hurdles

Tokyo 2020 Jasmine Camacho-Quinn Wins The Women’s 100m Hurdles

Puerto Rico’s sensation athlete Jasmine Camacho-Quinn has been crowned the new women’s 100m hurdles champion. Upon a bizarre performance at the Rio 2016 Jasmine has now regained its glory in the title race.

Jasmine made history today by becoming the first athlete to win Olympic Gold Medalist for Puerto Rico. Jasmine is now the Olympic Games Record Holder in the 100m hurdles in a time of 12.26 seconds. She did this during the semi-finals race.

The world record holder Kendra Harrison from the United States of America also took won silver in 12.52 seconds.


Jamaica’s super rising star Megan Tapper took bronze from the outside lane in 12.55. Megan was also a semifinalist in Rio 2016 barely five years today.

Another great performance was Nigeria’s Tobi Amusan who displayed a very promising future in the 100m hurdles. She sends a signal out and she will be ready for World Athletics Championships 2022.  She missed the podium with a few seconds to Megan Tapper.

The final race was very extraordinary and all the athletes gave in their all. Tokyo 2020: Jasmine Camacho-Quinn wins the women’s 100m hurdles.

The Official Results of the women’s 100m hurdles.

  1. Jasmine Camacho-Quinn – 12.27
  2. Kendra Harrison – 12.52
  3. Megan Tapper – 12.55
  4. Tobi Amusan – 12.60
  5. Nadine Visser – 12.73
  6. Devynne Charlton – 12.74
  7. Gabriele Cunningham – 13.01
  8. Britany Anderson – 13.24

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