Tightened your personal securities - Minority Caucus cautioned

Tightened your personal securities – Minority Caucus cautioned

Tightened your personal securities - Minority Caucus cautioned
Godwin Ako Gun / Pic: Gunn’s Facebook Page

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The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC137 )’s members of Parliament have been cautioned to take personal security seriously. Tightened your personal securities – Minority Caucus cautioned.

The NDC’s Deputy National Communications Officer, Godwin Ako Gunn, warns NDC MPs that the Akufo Addo-led New Patriotic Party (NPP) government will do anything to lower their number in parliament, so personal protection must be prioritised.

He stated that the NDC’s numerical strength is a valuable asset in keeping the Akufo-Addo government on its toes.

“May I use this opportunity to humbly ask our Members of Parliament to guard their lives with all diligence. You are our pride and the only check on the free-spending and looting NPP government.

“The NPP government will do everything possible to reduce our numbers by foul means,” Ako Gunn wrote in a lengthy write-up on his Facebook wall.

“…When persuasion fails, prosecution must be applied…,” he noted.

Read Ako Gunn’s full Facebook post below;

It remains a pride to enter public service and retire with no blemish. It becomes even better when people who worked against you rise in honor of your achievements and say in their hearts, we tried everything but you stood tall.

Being a speaker at a time when you didn’t have the majority, nor the nominee of the president, takes something more than political backing of the minority. It takes personal character, achievements and people’s trust over the years to do it.

I have heard members of parliament on both sides singing his praise, father ooo father. This can only come with hard work and perseverance.

May I use this opportunity to humbly ask our members of parliament to guard their lives with all diligence. You are our pride and the only check on the free spending and looting NPP government.

The NPP government will do everything possible to reduce our numbers by foul means. May we at the constituency level, also have the wisdom to protect what we have as we pray for more in the days ahead.

Comrades, I laughed out loud when I heard the Attorney General has bought a new broom to reach out to every corner of the offices and ministries the RT Hon Alban Bagbin ever worked since independence to prosecute him along with some members of parliament.

Hon, the Prince of this world comes against you, but he has nothing in you. I love what 2022 brings along. Our elders say when the mouse becomes desperate and destructive, it falls into oil. I see Nana getting there this year.

I thought Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo sent his Nephew Gabby to JM. I thought Nana Addo sent for Hon Haruna Iddrisu to appeal to him and other leaders of the party!!!

Thank God the line was drawn straight and clear to him !!! When persuasion fails, prosecution must be applied. Hahahahhahaaaa !!!

I love the unity, strength and cooperation from the minority side in parliament. I will salute you any day for the tenacity you have shown and I know bigger things are ahead of us. Let me humbly appeal to those who also make negative headlines with the least opportunity to attack our MPs, even when they are told it is a misleading story. That is not the spirit of comradeship.

But for the advisers of the president, I weep for you. This is the time to wear a wisdom cap not an arrogant one. At this time where your ministers in parliament are going up and down locally and internationally, you shouldn’t be flexing muscle.

I love the heart warming warning from my general secretary on the 40th anniversary of the 31st Dec revolution. Whenever impunity becomes law, resistance becomes a duty. What a tone for ALUTA CONTINUA!!! To the oppressor, i say sorry, your days are numbered. To the oppressed, I say better days ahead.

Kun Fa Yakun”

Source: Godwin Ako Gunn / Facebook

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