Three SHS Graduates Arrested For Fraud

Three Senior High School (SHS) graduates have been arrested by the Ghana Police Service for allegedly scamming a trader by utilising a phony mobile money payment system. Three SHS graduates arrested for fraud.

The suspects, Prince Alhassan, Daniel Amoako Ampofo alias Tizzle, and Richard Kesse alias Baron, are accused of defrauding traders by placing orders online and paying using mobile money.

Upon receiving the commodity, they produce and transmit a message that appears to have been received through a network operator’s mobile money system to the traders’ cell number.

The notification is intended to confirm the product’s expected payment.

Victims forgot to check their mobile money account balance after receiving the warning and instead handed over the product to the suspects, only to discover afterwards that they had been deceived.

ACP Dr Herbert Gustav Yankson, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department’s (CID) Cyber Crime Unit, told Graphic Online that the suspects were apprehended after one of their victims, a mobile phone vendor, reported the occurrence.

He claimed that one of the defendants, Ampofo, contacted a trader who had an iPhone and an Apple Watch Series 6 on display on an internet trading platform.

Ampofo offered that they meet for payment of the items in Lapaz-Papaye. When the merchant arrived at the location, he was greeted by Alhassan, Ampofo, and Kesse, who were driving a wine unregistered Hyundai Elantra.

They exited the van, and the trader handed Ampofo the iPhone and iWatch for examination.

Ampofo then instructed Alhassan to pay the trader GH6,700 by mobile money transfer.

The trader received a message from Alhassan saying that GH6,700 had been deposited to his mobile money account; however, when he examined his balance, he discovered that no money had been sent.

The trader was subsequently shown a notice saying that GH6,700 had been moved from Alhassan’s account to the trader’s account.

During the debate, the three young men sat in the parked vehicle and drove away with the things.

ACP Dr Yankson went on to say that the three were apprehended in Lapaz after a police inquiry revealed that their method of operation was to copy prior texts from mobile money transfers delivered to them.

They modify such messages, then send them back to themselves and present them to victims, claiming to have sent money from their mobile money account to their victims’ accounts.

A police investigation revealed that they had successfully defrauded others of more than GH20,000 in other transactions using the same manner.

According to ACP Yankson, they also rented the automobiles for their fraudulent operations from auto firms, making it impossible for their victims to track them down.

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