The Power of Black People In Search Local Wine

The Power of Black People In Search Local Wine

The Power of Black People In Search Local Wine
Tapping of Akpeteshie | Akpeteshie | Ghana | African Youth | Wine

The mentality of the African youth today, is nothing to be desired of. You will see people organising themselves to buy an akpeteshie in our local dialect (alcohol). The Ghanaian akpeteshie is described as one of the finest type of alcohols you can found on the world market. The power of black people in search local wine.

Most of them go these small kiosks along the roadsides to booze their senses but they will not group up to start a business.


Everyone wishes he or she is the leader or the boss of everything. Such attitudes do not lift up any reason individual or entity in the country.

It is high time we joined our hands together and refined our minds towards the common good of our dear society.

Let everybody on board come up with better ideas that are salient and formidable enough to help us move to a higher height for the betterment of the nation.


Alcoholic beverages are said to be booming in recent times because around the globe each occasions and celebrations the participants embrace the tradition of alcohol. Alcohol is very detrimental to your health when you abuse it.

The work of most of the villages in Ghana is the production of wine and is a source of livelihood.

By: Eric Godfred Nyameshie.

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