The Overview of the Tamale Half Marathon

The Overview of the Tamale Half Marathon

There are a lot of things we need to check before selecting a race to prepare for. Today we will discuss only four things. They are very important and will guide you to prepare very well. The event is scheduled for September 25th, 2021. The overview of the Tamale Half Marathon.

  1. The area
  2. The weather condition
  3. The topography of the land
  4. The distance



The Tamale Half Marathon will be held in the capital city, Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. Some of the famous locations and tourists sites are the Tamale Central Mosques, Alhaji Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium, Afa Ajura Mosque (Ambariyyah Mosque), The Ahmadiyyah Muslim Mission Mosque, Tamale Market, Bizung School of Music and Dance, and Shea Butter Processing. Tamale has a population of 950,124 according to the Tamale Metropolitan Official Website as of the 2010 Population Census. The total size is 750km2 (289.58 sq mi).


The weather condition in the Northern Sector of Ghana is extremely hot. So athletes should be aware of the type of weather conditions they are going to run. This will help the athletes to know when, where and time they are supposed to train. Most athletes will be dehydrated so athletes must make good use of all the water stations. But any athlete who will be going should prepare adequately well that’s from today at training grounds.

In September, the average high-temperature will be 30.5°C (86.9°F), and the average low-temperature will be 23.1°C (73.6°F). The average heat index (feels like), which combines relative humidity and air temperature, in September will be at 39.6°C (103.3°F). We will bring you the exact temperature on the 25th of September.


As an athlete preparing for a race, you need to know where, and how the nature of the land looks. Whether the place is a hilly, flat, coastal area, or windy. This guide will help the athlete to adjust to his/her training routine. The topography of the land talks about the nature of the land. The Northern Region has a very flat surface of the land.

Elevation of Tamale

Longitude: -0.842416

Latitude: 9.4034226

Elevation: 151m / 495 feet

Barometric Pressure: 99KPa



Most of the athletes are not familiar with the distance but they just train anyhow. This has been happening and some of the athletes found themselves wanting in the course of the race. The distance of the event is a half marathon. The Tamale Half Marathon is the maiden edition of the event.

This event is the first of its kind the most competitive event to be held in the Northern Region of Ghana. The half marathon is a road race that is very long and needs time to train before you can compete in such an event. The Half Marathon is the same as 21km or 13.1 miles.

By Sekyere Richard

By Athleticshour

Sekyere Richard has had a 10-year involvement in the sport of athletics. He holds a Diploma in Physical Fitness. Sekyere has experienced the sport as a middle/distance athlete, coach, and now journalist and blogger. Sekyere has published several articles on athletics from Ghanaian Athletics to World Athletics. He currently owns and manages the content and marketing development of Athletics Hour. "I am passionate about sports, love writing and interviewing, traveling, and meeting new athletes and coaches. I like to expose the hidden talents in the youth and I am always in search of talents across Ghana". I have volunteered in one of the biggest ultra-marathons in the world "The Elton Ultra Marathon in Russia. Covered many races in Ghana including ECOWAS CAA Region II Championship and multiple roads and track races in Ghana. In 2021, he launched the "Better Ghana Athletics Agenda", which will help support organisers, athletes and coaches in all directions.

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