The Overview of The Asante Akyem Marathon

The Overview of The Asante Akyem Marathon

There are a lot of things we need to check before selecting a race to prepare for. Today we will discuss about the major four things we need to look for the upcoming Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge 2021. They are very important and it will guide you to prepare very well and have a good result at the end of the competition. The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 25th, 2021. The overview of the Asante Akyem Marathon.

  1. The area
  2. The weather condition
  3. The nature of the land
  4. The distance 



The Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge will be held at Asante Akyem Agogo in the Ashanti Region. Some of the famous locations in the Asante Akyem Agogo Municipality are Agogo Presbyterian Hospital, Presbyterian University College, Agogo Presbyterian College of Education, Agogo Presbyterian Nurses and Midwifery Training College, Pentecost Bible College, Agogo State Senior High School, and Collins Senior High School. They have a population of about 28,271 according to the 2000 population census and an estimated population of 32,859 during 2007. The famous festival they celebrate is the Akogya Siakwan Festival which symbolizes peace, thanksgiving, love, and harmony among the communities. Farming is the main economic activity in the area. About 70% of the population is into farming. They produce food stuffs like tomatoes, plantain, and watermelon.



The weather condition in the Ashanti Region of Ghana is very cool. So athletes should be aware of the type of weather conditions they are going to run. This will help the athletes to know when, where and time they are supposed to train. But any athlete who will be going should prepare adequately well that’s from today at training grounds. The weather condition will be very moderate which average humidity of around 67%, a Temperature of 29˚C, wind WSW at 4 km/h, wind gusts at 6 km/h, probability of precipitation at 25%.

In September, the average temperature will be 28°C high, and the average low temperature will be 23°C. The average heat index (feels like), which combines relative humidity and air temperature, in September will be at 28°C. The exact temperature on the 25th of September 32˚C but real feel 36˚C but the sunrise at 5:53 am and sunset at 5:59 pm.



As an athlete preparing for a race you need to know where and how the nature of the land looks. Whether the place is a hilly, flat, coastal area, or windy. This guide will help you to prepare very well with your training routines. The topography of the land talks about the nature of the land. The Agogo township is noted for its hilly landscape. Agogo boasts of its natural resources such as Hwidiem Waterfalls and Onyemso Waterfalls. Asante Agogo has the nickname “Naturally Walled Town due to its hilly terrain.

Elevation of Asante Akyem Agogo

Longitude: -1.08193

Latitude: 6.80004

Elevation: 396 m / 1,299 ft

Barometric Pressure:



Most of the athletes are not familiar with the distance but they just train anyhow. This has been happening and some of the athletes found themselves wanting in the course of the race. The distance of the event is slightly above half marathon. There will be 2 separate starts that are 24km for the amateurs and 12km for females and juveniles. This will be the 4th edition of the Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge. We will bring you the past winners, distances, and times of each athlete in our next post.

Registration is free and ongoing, to register for the event use the link below.

For the prizes of the 2021 Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge use this link.



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