The number of those killed in the DRC Christmas bombings has risen to 8

The number of those killed in the DRC Christmas bombings has risen to 8

The death toll from a suicide bombing attack on a restaurant in Beni, DRC, has increased to eight people. The number of those killed in the DRC Christmas bombings has risen to 8.
The attack occurred on Christmas Day at the Inbox pub, where patrons were celebrating the holiday season.

The bomber, an unnamed male, detonated the blast at the entrance to the packed bar in Ishango at 8 p.m. local time.

Although it is unclear if the suicide bomber acted alone or as part of a group, this is the third bombing in Beni since June.

President Félix Tshisekedi’s government issued a statement accusing Islamist terrorism. Officials stated that the atrocities would not go unpunished, and that the culprits would be apprehended.

The attack has elicited a barrage of responses. “Strongly condemns the cowardly attack in Beni,” stated Huang Xia, the UN Secretary-Special General’s Envoy for the Great Lakes Region.

“In this time of sadness and mourning, we stand united with the Congolese people and government.” Our commitment to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the region’s fight against armed and terrorist groups is steadfast.”

“Eight of their comrades have died, while another 20 have been injured. Security measures have been beefed up, with a curfew set for 19h00 “The Congolese government’s spokesman, Patrick Muyaya, made this statement.

A Congolese army officer, his wife, and their child were among the dead.

The mayor of Rwenzori commune and the deputy mayor of Mulekera commune, according to Mr. Muyaya, were among the injured.

Just 2 days ago that the jihadist bomb Burkina Faso and now Congo again.

The question most of the people are asking is that: Is Africa Really Safe Now?”

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