[VIDEO] “The Holy Spirit Directed Me To Bath My Members” – Pastor 

“The Holy Spirit Directed Me To Bath My Members” – Pastor

New Year Cross Overnight was also another episode in Ghana, West Africa as the IGP warns all pastors against fake prophesy now is bathing in a pan.  “The Holy Spirit Directed Me To Bath My Members” – Pastor

A video circulating online indicates that a pastor is seen bathing church members on the altar in the church.

“The Holy Spirit directed me to do so”, says the pastor.

A video of some young ladies being bathed at a Cross Over Service by a pastor in a church.

This happened on the Eve of New Year, on Friday, 31st December night has surfaced online and taken over the internet.

According to the said pastor, bathing the church members naked will cleanse them and make them pure and Holy.

They had to remove their under before getting into the bath pan.

Watch the full video here

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