The Government of Ghana Must Now Support Athletics

The Government of Ghana Must Now Support Athletics

Athletics in Ghana is in a state of emergency, nothing good is coming out from it. But most of the youth are still engaging in the sports. They are hoping and believing that one day it will be better. But when? The time is now and we asking the government of Ghana to allocate some funds for the development of athletics in Ghana. Most of the time the only discussions are centered on one game that’s football. The government of Ghana must now support Athletics.


A lot of money had been channeled into our football since time memorable because football happens to be the only sports game that was widely regarded during that time. We are aware of that; football is the biggest game played in the world there is no doubt about that.

One of the fastest-growing sports in the world currently is athletics and all the developed and developing countries are engaging the youth to partake in athletics as well and they are investing huge sums of money into athletics currently.


Ghana’s government is committed to developing sports but it seems athletics is not included in that list. Meanwhile, a lot of Astroturf’s stadia are being built across the country but none of them has a track and field oval for athletics. We can’t count the number of oval tracks for athletics for the newly built stadia in Ghana. Some of the stadia are described as multi-purpose which we can’t identify now.

On the other hand, all sporting activities have been halted in our various schools. Meanwhile, during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games 6 out of the 8 track and field athletes who represented Ghana are all students.

Since Ghana has halted all sporting activities if the athletes were in Ghana that means we may not able to qualify for Tokyo Olympic Games. All these athletes are currently studying in the United States of America and only one athlete was from Ghana. during the World Athletics Relay Championships in Silesia, Poland, our athletes produced a world-class performance and surprised the world. Through that championship that they were able to secure the 4*100m for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.


The Ghana government must allocate some special budget for the development of athletics. Numerous companies, institutions, and individuals can also support athletics.

The Ghana athletes are very grateful for the partnership Tema Craft Brewery has signed with the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) which can be renewed after the first 3-year duration. The Tema Craft Brewery is a locally Ghanaian beverage company and they are the manufactures of the Django Brothers beverages. The Django Brothers are well known in West Africa for the production of a wide range of beverages; energy drinks, mineral water, and non-alcoholic beverages.


Ghanaians always demand medals from our athletes during competitions. Meanwhile, they don’t have the support needed for maximum preparations ahead of the event.


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