The Destiny Of A Great Nation Lies On The Shoulders Of Student-Athletes

The Destiny Of A Great Nation Lies On The Shoulders Of Student-Athletes

Everyone wanted them to deliver now because they are representing the whole nation.

They are all potentials medal winners for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Upon when, how, and what they did to get there was no one business.

Benjamin Azamati was a student of the University of Ghana who was always competing in the Ghana University Sports Association (GUSA) Games. Joseph Paul Amoah was a student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and a current student of Coppin State University. Joseph Oduro Manu is an alumna of Prempah College and now Coppin State University Athlete. Emmanuel Yeboah is a student-athlete at Texas A&M University, USA. Sarfo Ansah is a current level 200 student of the University of Development Studies, Ghana. The destiny of a great nation lies on the shoulders of Student-Athletes.


Meanwhile, sports in our various schools have been banned due to the coronavirus pandemic. But the same sports in our various homes and communities have not been banned but are ongoing.

They got the chance to travel and now they have become the hope of many young upcoming athletes in the country.

Remember that during the GUSA Games Benjamin, Joseph, Amoah, and Emmanuel always have tough competition and they don’t win the races just easily. But they are now performing extraordinary the moment they traveled outside.

Yes, I remember one athlete during the 2020 Ghana University Sports Association (GUSA) Games beat Benjamin in the 200m final. But Benjamin regained his title in the 100m final again.


The times they were running were all close if you rechecked the podium finishers.

So where are the others who use to give Benjamin, Joseph, Amoah, and Emmanuel the tough times and always wins by a slight margin?

Are we not good to nurture our athletes or we don’t see the potentials in them?

Benjamin Azamati just used less than a year to turn into a professional athlete and broke multiple records which include the 100m dash.

Joseph Paul Amoah also broke a lot of records in his school and the national 200m dash and also run 10 seconds in the 100m dash.

Is there any magic overseas that we don’t know?

A few weeks ago Sarfo Ansah run the fastest 100m dash time in Ghana ever. This one was a local athlete and we must get the intention that our athletes just need investment, competitions, and the required equipment.

According to Benjamin he never knew he was running under 10 seconds because he was very relaxed for the race. This means that he can break the 9.97 seconds again when he gets the toughest opponents.


We need to think outside the box for our upcoming Athletes so we don’t waste their talents.

Through Athletics that someone may be able to cater for his or her family.

I don’t know who also sees the angle am looking at but truly speaking Ghana Athletes are very good in all the disciplines.

What they need now is the state, companies, organizations, institutions, and individuals who have been blessed should heavily invest in these athletes.

Let’s take this opportunity to help our own. We were all here that during the World Athletics Relays Championships in Silesia, Poland the Ghana Athletics Association was not able to send the local athletes there due to financial constraints. But these athletes sacrificed for the country and did incredible marvelous work.

The results of the World Athletics Relays Championships have brought them to where they are now.

So we need to invest in them now to have a bigger impact on their life and the nation as a whole in the future.

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