The Abysmal Performance of the Ghana Athletics Social Media Platforms

The Abysmal Performance of the Ghana Athletics Social Media Platforms

The social media handlers of the Ghana Athletics Association sleep too much. They don’t give any updates, news, information about the association.

They will only post when a foreign athlete wins a race.

The one behind all the social media handles is causing great damage to Ghana Athletics, the Athletes, and fans as a whole. The abysmal performance of the Ghana Athletics social media platforms.

Meanwhile, they have 37k followers on Facebook and 3.4k followers on Twitter as well. But their website is not working at all.

At first, when they post any news, the reactions, views, and comments are great and encouraging because they were punctual and giving frequent updates.

Now a page having 37k members get less than 150 views on their videos. It tells you most of the athletes don’t even go there for any information because they will find nothing there.

The last post on their Facebook page was on 9 September 2021 and on their Twitter account was on 8th September 2021.

We not expecting anything big at least if even 2 or more posts per week will be fine.

We all depend on your social media handles for news and we believe any information from there is authentic.

Even if you give us updates on our past athletes we will appreciate and it will motivate the upcoming ones. Most of the upcoming athletes don’t even know some of our former athletes and their contributions to Ghana Athletics and the achievements they have accomplished in their careers.

Nevertheless, the Ghana Athletics Association has signed a mega partnership with Django Brothers and we hope for more of this in the coming years.

Let’s all come together to build a better Ghana Athletics and with our collective efforts, we can make it.

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