The 2022 World Athletics Label Road Race Calendar has been published

The 2022 World Athletics Label Road Race Calendar has been published

On Friday, December 17th, 2021, World Athletics released the 2022 Label Road Race calendar, which includes nearly 200 races in more than 40 countries throughout each of the sport’s six areas. The 2022 World Athletics Label Road Race Calendar has been published.

The calendar begins on January 9 with the 10K Valencia in Valencia, Spain, and ends nearly a year later on December 31 with the classic New Year’s Eve events in Madrid, Spain, and Bolzano, Italy.

While the schedule is still open to change because of the global coronavirus pandemic’s persistent uncertainty, more races are expected to join the Label program once their dates are confirmed.

The World Athletics Label, World Athletics Elite Label, and World Athletics Elite Platinum Label are the three levels of the three-tiered scheme, which began in 2020.

“Despite the continued uncertainty surrounding global travel and gatherings in some parts of the world, the number of events that have chosen to be part of the World Athletics Label Road Races programme in 2022 exceeds 200 – another all-time high – but given the global pandemic, some of the events require additional confirmation,” said World Athletics Road Running Manager Alessio Punzi. “This demonstrates the dynamism of the running industry and the optimism of operators around the world.

“Millions of individuals around the world have taken up running as a means to manage their physical and mental health in the last two years, and many of them will pin a race bib to their vest for the first time in 2022.” We owe a debt of gratitude to all of the race directors and their teams for their dedication and perseverance. Marathon staging has never been straightforward, but the complexities of today’s races are mind-boggling. Every race’s starting line is a monument to its organizers’ perseverance and sheer passion for the sport and the community they serve now more than ever.”

All officially sanctioned road races with an international measurement certificate that have taken place for at least two consecutive years prior to 2022 are eligible for the World Athletics Label. In 2022, a World Athletics technical consultant will be selected to oversee compliance with rules and regulations for first-time Labels.

Races with the World Athletics Elite Label must have a prize money structure in place that rewards at least the top eight finishers, with winner’s prizes of at least US$ 15,000 (marathons) and $7500 (other distances) for each gender.

Only races that were given Platinum status in 2021 are eligible for the World Athletics Elite Platinum Label, regardless of whether the race took place or not.

Race organizers that choose to carry a World Athletics Label also demonstrate a practical commitment to clean sport by supporting an out-of-competition testing program for road racing, which is handled by the Athletics Integrity Unit.

2022 Label Race Calendar

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