Teachers Decry Apathy Towards Teaching

Teachers Decry Apathy Towards Teaching

By: Sir. Eric Godfred Nyameshie

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Most of the Ghanaian schools have resumed classes today and its all a long and hearty schedule for teachers. Some schools are already in need of teachers whiles others are all set to make lesson effective. Teachers decry apathy towards teaching.

A lot of notices have been pasted on walls for vacancy for teachers especially in our private school.


Some notable experts of the chalk fraternity have bemoaned lack of an enthusiasm amongst the future generations of the world who do not have an interest or whatsoever in the teaching fields to rescind their respective decisions to whip up the zeal in them.

The concern of the chalk technocrats comes at the back of the scenario where students who are being taught by them, do not have the urge to venture into teaching as part of their future prospects, claiming that, the conditions of service that the teachers in Ghana generally are faced with, “are nothing to ride home about” and as such, they can not be motivated to go into teaching.


They are therefore pleading with the management of the educational sector in the country to as a matter of urgency, do something pragmatic to win their hearts for the teaching industry so as to also contribute their quota towards the development of their beloved nation, Ghana.

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