Sports Develop the Psychomotor and Cognitive of Individual – Evans Afesi

Sports Develop the Psychomotor and Cognitive of Individual – Evans Afesi

Sports, in general, have become a detrimental issue in our community. When you excel everyone praises you for your hard work but when things turn around. The same individual sends a signal that they warned you but never listened.

These problems have been going on for ages now. School sports can’t be defined as whether helpful or canker to the students. Education and sports can’t be a single word but sport is under education so that means both move together.

Some say education and sports are twins but most people ignore one and take one seriously.

Others advise not to take sports seriously if only you want to excel in your education.

Others say if only you want to take sports far take your education seriously.

Sometimes education can help you to continue and revive your sports career.

But while don’t we fix both together for all and sundry to enjoy. came across a social media comment on our sports and education. The good, dangers, and benefits for the individual both physically and spiritually. Sports develop the psychomotor and Cognitive of individual – Evans Afesi.

“Playing sport is complementary. It develops the physical, affective, psychomotor, and cognitive domains contributing to the holistic development of the individual.

The Physical Well-being

Sport counterbalances stress accumulated as a result of stressful academic work. It recreates some, amuses a lot, and moves commerce across the divided.

The Benefits of Sport

Sport provides useful engagement to children and youth resulting in a reduction in an exhibition of problem behaviours. It improves skills, knowledge, and attitudes, and values needed for decent communal life.

The Power of Sport

The sport employs a lot with above-average compensation in the multiplicity of the growing need to get the industry alive and growing.

The Hard Truth

It is rather unfortunate to assume that sport affects academic work. In any endeavor, discipline is pivotal to success. Let us encourage our kids and the youth to consider stimulating interest in Athletics now.

Thank you”.


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