SPORT: When There’s Passion But No Platform [VIDEO]

                           SPORT: When There’s Passion But No Platform [VIDEO]

It goes without saying that people generally get influenced and motivated when they see other people doing things that they have some form of interest in. From activities that are related to academics to arts and sciences and a myriad of other activities/disciplines from all walks of life, sport is no exception. SPORT: When there’s passion but no platform [VIDEO].

Traditionally in sport, the best are usually selected from different parts of a town/city/region/continent, depending on the stage, and are given the platform to showcase their skills and abilities to audiences and to serve as a form of motivation for promising athletes who hope to occupy their positions in the future. That brings us to the benefits of giving qualified athletes the platform to show their skills, and more importantly, the strategies employed in determining who is good enough, in order to ensure that the selection bracket is wide enough that no one is left out.

In most remote places, it can be argued that a significant percentage of the best talents available, not just in sports, do not get discovered by scouts looking to recruit the most talented individuals available, due to many different reasons that we’ll have to leave for another day’s discussion, except you’re ready to read a whole different article within another article, in which case, I’d have asked you to grab a drink and relax, but never mind.

One thing about passion that an athlete or potential athlete can have for a sport is the undying desire for them to participate in the sport, no matter the limitations they experience, with regards to facilities, equipment, and other financial burdens. It is, therefore, the responsibility of parents or guardians to detect the interests of their lads from a young age and find a way to give them the exposure they need, but there have been unfortunate situations where parents or guardians give other excuses as to why they can’t play that role and, in some cases, try to outline other issues that they consider to be of a higher priority than the interests and potential career paths of their lads.
Scouting agencies and local community heads also have a role to play, to ensure that promising athletes that show passion are detected and groomed, if necessary, for future competitions.

By Prince Allotey Addo

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