Sherif Abdul Razak The Reincarnation of The Great Eric Nkansah

Sherif Abdul Razak The Reincarnation of The Great Eric Nkansah

GNPC Ghana Fastest Human meet in CapeCoast was an extraordinary experience for most of the upcoming athletes. Most of the amateur athletes who were present haven’t gotten the chance to participate in such a big competition, especially the under 18 athletes. As we all know Covid-19 has also caused damage if not all but most of our sporting events since last year. Sherif Abdul Razak The Reincarnation of The Great Eric Nkansah. Ghana’s Fastest Human was a race a lot of the sprinters have been waiting for and it was such a memorable moment for our athletes.

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One of the under 18 athletes who is a student of Adisadel College in CapeCoast set the whole show ablaze during the heats. Sherif Abdul Razak broke the long-standing 100m and 200m records in Adisadel College which has stood there over a decade. Sherif was coming in as one of the race favourites in the under 18 category. The most astonishing aspect is that Sherif is now in SHS Two.

He debuted in his inter-school competitions and won silver in both zonal and super zonal respectively in SHS one. This record has never happened before in the history of Inter-School Competitions in the Central Region. Sherif Abdul Razak won the final in the under 18 men category with a new seasonal and personal best of 11:179 seconds. Sherif’s time is a little bit away from the Youth Olympic Games Qualification Time. Sherif performance during the event shows that Ghana got a lot of talents and if they are nurtured very well we can produce World and Olympic Champions in the coming years. People are saying that Sherif is the reincarnation of the great Eric Nkansah.

Mr Raymond Aryee, the Head of Sports Department, Adisadel College disclosed that Sherif is discipline, a genius athlete and he is good on and off the track. When it comes to academics Sherif is also good. He said that Adisadel College is a school where all talents are being groomed not only academics.

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July 2022
  1. Ibrahim, I’m proud of you. I pray you reach where ever you want to 🙏🏽🤲🏽📿 I hope to see you…

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