Sekyere Writes The Favoritism In Ghana Athletics

Sekyere Writes The Favoritism In Ghana Athletics

Ghana Athletics has produced a lot of great athletes in all the disciplines. Most of the athletes were fortunate to be part of the National Team. The National Team selection of very country is a big problem to all the federations. A lot of people do sacrifice their entire life just to be part of the National Team and wear the kit/jersey/vest of their motherland. The spirit of being a national athlete gives you extra strength and motivation no matter what task is ahead of you.

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Athletics in Ghana is becoming one of the underrated sports disciplines in the country. But it has produced a lot of legends and great personalities for this country. Through athletics, most people are self-reliant in life. Athletics is the only sports that have no spectators but rather all are participants when it comes to road running. You don’t need any special skills to be an athlete. When it comes to Athletics there is no age limit in any event. Athletics is a game of love and it’s among the fastest-growing sports in the entire world currently.

The main issue is that how to exile to become a professional athlete or a national asset for your country is the most difficult aspect. Most of the athletes do give more than a hundred per cent when it comes to competition, they do this so that a manager or agent or coach will identify them as potential.

In every country, there is a federation that is responsible for selecting their national team athletes for competitions. There are a lot of criteria that are being used in selecting these athletes. All athletes, coaches and managers know that selection are based on each and individual performances during races. But there is always a word like ‘my favourite athlete’, ‘our athlete’, ‘our favourite athlete’, ‘am the coach so I must send the one I know or I like’.

This behaviour has made a lot of athletes lost interest in our sports. Athletes dedicate all their time and energy to train and when the time comes for them to be selected. This needs also pops up:

You can’t be part of the National Team if you don’t know any big man.

You can’t be part of the National Team if your coach is against the Federation rules.

You can’t be part of the National Team if your manager is not at the National level.

You can’t be part of them if you don’t see them at the back door..

For me, I know there are lot numerous reasons why most of the athletes couldn’t make it to the professional level as an athlete not because they are not good enough to represent their country.

If you had encountered any such issues or problems let’s hear your story and there will be a random publication of such stories.

By Sekyere Richard.

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