Sekyere Richard Writes Boycott Races That Doesn’t Gives At Least 60 Days Notice

Sekyere Richard Writes Boycott Races That Doesn’t Gives At Least 60 Days Notice

We all want Ghana Athletics to be better but some of the stake holders in the industry doesn’t want to comply with the rules and always take the other person for granted.
Sometimes it’s very unfortunate: for how long will Ghana Athletics takes it shape?
The Race Organisers play a vital role in this project for a successful Better Ghana Athletics.
Race Organisers always just bring out any date for a competition to be held just as they wish.
They usually bring these dates 1 or 2 or 3 weeks interval to their event.


Since our coaches and athletes are also desperate to compete they go with/without the right preparations towards that event. Sekyere Richard Writes Boycott races that doesn’t gives at least 60 days notice.
These coaches will say “oh there is no competition so let’s go and compete it saaaaa”.
Sometimes I feel pity and sad for our upcoming athletes and their future.

Some athletes may be training for 800m dash, but the moment they see that there is half marathon coming on next month they wish to be there, reason being there is that no track and field event coming on anytime soon so my coach says we need to participate.

A lot of our events are dated 2 weeks or 14 days maximum interval.
The race organisers won’t give any information and updates about the said event for you to know there is a race coming on. By the time you will realise the flyers will be moving around mostly on WhatsApp groups.

Is now time for the Coaches, Managers and the Athletes to take bold decisions to boycott any race that doesn’t gives at least a minimum of 60 days or 2 months notice prior to the competition.
Within these periods the coaches and their athletes may adjust to their training plans and make the necessary arrangements for the upcoming competition.

The Athletics comprises of Coaches, Athletes, Managers, Race Organisers, Race Directors, The Sponsors and The Fans.


Without any of these aforementioned names above we can’t get a successful event. They all form part of the stakeholders of any Athletics in a country.
Let’s all change to make Ghana Athletics great again and get the Better Ghana Athletics Agenda for all.

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