Sekyere Asks “What’s The Essence Of Prize Package When We Knew The Athletes Didn’t Get Good Preparations Ahead Of Tokyo Olympic Games”?

Sekyere Asks “What’s The Essence Of Prize Package When We Knew The Athletes Didn’t Get Good Preparations Ahead Of Tokyo Olympic Games”?

The next episode is the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Is Ghana Ready For Tokyo Paralympic Games?

The Tokyo Olympic Games began on 23rd July and ended on 8th August 2021. Samuel Takyi won a bronze medal in the boxing discipline to break the 29 year Olympic Games medal drought.

The National Sports Authority during the games announced some packages for all the athletes. The packages range from $1000 – $5000 across all the disciplines. He later said there will be an amount of $4200 to be given to all 14 athletes as per diem.


Prof. Twumasi, the Director-General of National Sports Authority said “each athlete received $100 as daily allowance while officials and coaches also received $120 each day”. They have spent 42 days calculating from pre-tournament camping to the main competition which has an accumulative allowance of $4,200 for athletes and $5,040 for officials and coaches.

He further explained another reward package for the athletes. The prize money is not part of the per diem and it’s different. Athletes are eligible when they are able to win medals. Sekyere Asks “What’s the essence of the prize package when we knew the athletes didn’t get good preparations ahead of Tokyo Olympic Games”?

Gold – $5,000

Silver – $4000

Bronze – $3000

Of all the 14 athletes only 1 won a bronze medal for Ghana. The Ghana 4×100m men’s relay team also qualified to the final unfortunately, they couldn’t win any medal. They were disqualified (DG) due to technical errors.


Most of the athletes were not able to qualify due to a lack of preparations ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games. The package that was announced could have been used to train a lot of athletes to have qualified for the games rather.

Soon there will be the commencement of the Paralympic Games and how are we ready as a nation?

We need to invest in our athletes rather than setting up a package for them at the highest level, where we know they can’t achieve that prize without good and proper preparations. Ghana as a nation has very well talented athletes across all the disciplines and if we are able to nurture them well, in the coming years we can able to win more medals in every competition.

Few months to come, Ghana will be hosting the 13th Africa Games in 2023. Are we going to wait until the last hour before we will start preparing our athletes?



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