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Seb Coe Urges Africa To Broaden Its Athletic Talent Pool

Sebastian Lord Coe, the President of the World Athletics Federation, has urged African athletics federations to compete in most track and field events. Seb Coe urges Africa to broaden its athletic talent pool.

Coe, a former world 800m champion, believes that such a move will awaken hidden talents all around the world.

“Events that are not prevalent in some countries must be promoted.” Many countries, in most circumstances, have enormous potential in jumps and throws. All 47 track and field events must be supported by federations and countries.” In a virtual interview yesterday, Coe stated.

“I spoke with the Kenyan federation; not during the World Under 20 Athletics Championships, but a week or two later, and it became clear that they want to expand their supremacy outside track competitions.”

Julius Yego, the 2015 world javelin champion, and 2016 Olympic silver medalist were hailed by the global athletics head as a textbook example of talent development.

“Julius Yego rose to the top of the globe, and others can follow in his footsteps. In sprints, it’s the same story with Jamaica. I’m also aware that they’re breaking new ground in terms of jumps. It’s critical that we start trying new things,” he remarked.

“It is beneficial for federations to branch out into a variety of track and field activities, but I am aware that this ideal will take many years to realize.” The Continental Tour has been expanded to include events that are not part of the World Athletics Diamond League series, and we expect that most athletes will take advantage of the new opportunities,” he said.

Coe advised federations to be focused on the 2022 calendar of events in order to properly deliver the upcoming games.

“Right now, we need to concentrate.” Despite various hurdles, we performed admirably at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. We became the number one team at the Tokyo Olympics,” said Lord Coe

Track and field events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games drew millions of spectators, according to Coe, who added that millions of pieces were published and shared on social media.

“We’ve increased our event innovation.” To push the sport to the next level, we are expanding our partnerships with governments,” stated Coe.

“In the next five weeks, we have four important athletic competitions. We have World Athletics Championships; for the following four years, we will have global championships every year. In Tokyo, African athletes did brilliantly.”

With the World Athletics Championships, Commonwealth Games, Diamond League series, and the World Athletics Continental Tour, the 2021 athletics season appears to be overbooked.


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