Sarfo Ansah, the hope of millions sends a motivational message to the local athletes

Sarfo Ansah: the hope of millions sends a motivational message to the local athletes

Sarfo Ansah is one of the locally developed athletes who is part of the Ghana Tokyo Olympic Team. There has been a lot of obstacles and setbacks for our local athletes in Ghana. They always have a perception that if you don’t travel outside to pursue your education, it will be very difficult to be part of the national team.

Most of the athletes think few races are being organised here each year. The facilities and equipment being used for proper training are not available. The upcoming athletes are desperate about how they can make earns meet from their running career. There are no sponsors and if you take athletics as a profession you need to have a personal strong financial background. About 90 percent of the former athletes could not able to reach their peaks due to some of these petty problems. Sarfo Ansah: the hope of millions sends a motivational message to the local athletes.


Now one man is defying the odds and he is proving that no matter where you are, you can run to make a change for yourself.

The 2020 and the 2021 seasons have become difficult and memorable years in the world. The coronavirus pandemic brought everything to a standstill. The covid-19 has affected sports, businesses and even taken lives away. The world was never taught of it but it was just like a rapture.

The Olympic Games were to be held in 2020 but due to the pandemic, it was postponed to 2021. A lot of the athletes have trained and waited for this special event to take place. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was officially opened on the 23rd of August, 2021. It was a dream come through for thousands of athletes and the fans at large.


Most of the Ghanaian athletes made history yesterday by being part of the Tokyo Olympic Games. But one local athlete didn’t make history but also brought hope to his people. In the history of Ghana athletics, no local track and field athlete has ever qualified or being part of the Olympics. Most of our athletes get the qualifying times when they travel outside either for schooling or competition.

Sarfo Ansah, the hope of millions in Ghana athletics is making a path for our upcoming athletes to believe in themselves that everything is possible.

He said “it was very nice and a great experience for being part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In this life everything is possible and I urge my other athletes not to lose hope they should continue to work hard”

Sarfo Ansah is a member of the Ghana 4*100m relay team.

The Tokyo Olympics started yesterday, 23rd July, and will end on 8th August. The Olympic Games is the biggest multi-sporting event in the world.

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