Rule 50 Set To Headline Tokyo Games

Rule 50 Set To Headline Tokyo Games
Tokyo 2020 and Rule 50 are set to headline International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board meeting.
Tomorrow’s virtual meeting’s main agenda is the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
The IOC Athletes’ Commission is expected to deliver its results on the 11-month consultation process on Rule 50. Rule 50 is set to headline Tokyo games.
In the midst of the new covid-a9 wave, most of the discussions will be channeled to that area and know the way forward. Most of the citizens are calling the games to be called off. The covid-19 cases are also on the rise each day in Japan and the government is much worried. The Japanese Government is doing everything to curb these pandemic cases down with new emergency measures put in place.
According to the Tokyo 2020 organisers and the IOC, they insisted that the Olympics, due to open in less than 100 days time on July 23, and Paralympics will probably take place as planned and they promised there will be no fans and other games will be virtual.
A very reliable source indicates that about 70 percent of the Japanese citizens are against the Olympic Games and therefore need to be canceled or postponed.
The polls were conducted by the Japanese news agency Kyodo News, 39.2 percent of respondents want the Games to be canceled and 32.8 percent are in favor of another postponement. Most of their concern was due to the surge in the covid-19 cases in the second wave.
IOC vice-president and Coordination Commission chairman John Coates said the organisation is “very confident” the mood in Japan will improve in the coming days and weeks.
At present, Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter states: “No kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas.”
The IOC Athletes’ Commission has completed a survey to gauge athletes’ opinions on protests at the Olympics and to come up with ways they can express their views “while respecting the Olympic spirit and the neutrality of the Games”.
The Olympic Games is the highest and the most respected event for athletes. The Olympic Games is the only event that is the multi-purpose event in the world. The games comprise of all sporting activities which include football as well.
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