Report: Maaron Initiative and Championship Launched

Report: Maaron Initiative and Championship Launched

The grand launch of the Maaron Initiative project and the Maaron Championship has been successfully launched on Saturday, 20th August 2022 at the Nandom Municipal Assembly’s Conference Hall, Upper West Region.

The opening prayer of the occasion was said by Rev Father Vincent Kuubatege, Municipal Basilica Rector Rep.

The Chairman of the occasion, the Elder to the Paramount Chief of Nandom Traditional Area, Cletus Nyareh commended Maaron Initiative and the High Morale Athletics Academy for bringing such an idea which is through sports to solve the youth unannounced migration each day. He prayed for the accident-free expansion of the Maaron initiative and wished for a successful event on August 27, 2022.

The Chairman of Maaron Initiative Project, Naa Frederick Noble Baada in his welcoming address speech said, “On behalf of the Maaron Initiative Project Team, I wish to welcome all of you to the official launch of the Maaron Initiative Project, here in Nandom”.

“The Project Team is very happy and highly elated to see all of you, distinguished personalities who have taken time off your heavy official schedules to participate in this official launching programme”.

“Naa, Chairman, Distinguished Guest, the Maaron Initiative seeks to unearth talents amongst the youth and children in the field of sports, especially in athletics; harness, sharpen their skills, and develop their optimum potentials for their personal development and for the accelerated socio-economic development of families, communities, Nandom and the Upper West Region in particular, and Ghana as a whole”.

“Hence, the Maaron initiative exists to promote human development through sports and education. We, therefore, strive to build and develop human capital through sports and education”.

“Our initiative is against the backdrop of the huge potential the Upper West Region is endowed with in the field of sports and education but which are hardly tapped. Even the few who are identified hardly even get to their full potential in their athletics and education careers”.

“In effect, they hardly reap the full benefits of their talents, skills, and potential”. Click here to read his full speech.

The Maaron Initiative and Championship colourful ceremony was launched by the Nandom Municipal Coordinating Director, Madam Esther Abakyie.

“The migration of the youth to the south has been our headache since time memorial. We have tried so many ways but it’s still not working. We will fully support this project and the assembly is always open for you if you need our assistance”, she stated.

The Paramount Queen Mother of Nandom Traditional Area, Pognaa Constance Dery was very much pleased with this initiative coming to her town and she promised to support all endeavors for its success.

Others also stated that sports is a tool to eradicate the southern migration and urged all stakeholders to support this project. While a lot of testimonies were shared by those who had benefited from sports especially in athletics, through Maaron Initiative and High Morale Athletics Academy.

Mr. Boinde Boniface, the Project Manager of Maaron Initiative appreciated the Nandom people, media, and all those who have been supportive since the establishment of the High Morale Athletics Academy and the Maaron Initiative project. He assured them that this initiative was launched official to be able to expand its core work in helping the youth to realise their dreams, especially the girl-child. He urged the ladies to take advantage of the upcoming race.

The 10km race will commence at exactly 6:00 am and end at 9:00 am, with about 3 water stations, medical, ambulance, security, and traffic issues all arranged.

The registration of the inaugural edition of the Maaron Championship is free for all and also free accommodation will be provided for all registered participants a day before the race – Friday, 26th August 2022 – in Nandom.

Mr. Boniface, Race Director and Project Manager of Maaron Initiative said this is the first of its kind in races in the Upper West Region that the Tradionaltional Area, the assembly, and all the townships have shown much interest.

‘’The aim is to help minimise the majority of the youth who migrate to the south for greener pastures at a very tender age without even not finishing school, especially our ladies. They go to the south and end up in “Kayayei” a profession which is very problematic for our girl-child in the northern sector of Ghana for ages”, he stated.

The prizes and registration for the championship were announced. There will be two separate groups’ juniors and seniors. The top 10 males and females in the senior division will be rewarded in each category. Ghc 2,000 for the winners both male and female, Ghc 1,500 for the runners-up, Ghc 1,000 for the third place, and athletes who place from fourth to sixth will go home with Ghc 200 each.

In the chairman’s closing remarks, he said that the town will always support such initiatives. He appreciated and thanked everyone who made it to the program and left all their work behind. He later asked for God’s blessing and His guidance for all.

The Chief Imam of Nandom, Abdul Nasir, said the closing prayer “In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and the most merciful. All the praises and thanks be to Allah. The Lord of mankind and all that exists, the most beneficent and the most merciful. The only owner and the only judge of all. You alone we worship and you alone we ask for help for each and everything. Guide us on the straight path, the path of those whom you have bestowed your grace, not those who earned your anger and those who have gone astray. Ameen”.

Present at the launch were representatives from the Paramount Chief and Queen of Nandom Traditional Area, Ghana Education Service, Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana Education Service, and Nandom Municipal Assembly.

Some of the dignitaries were Alhaji Baba Pele, Rtd Headmaster of Tumu SHS, Chairman of Sport Unit Sissala East, Coach Munatri of Tumpani FM in Nadowli, Clement Nonwaa, Tenganrib Gengenkpe, Gengenkpe Assemblyman Hon Ambrose Debere, Ali Aminu Seidu PE Coordinator, A.M. Jugula PE Coordinator Wa West, Atubiga A. Peter PE Coordinator Lawra, Adams B. Fadilu PE Teacher KOSEC, Abudu Tahiru G. PE Coordinator Sisala East Municipal, Adama Abubakar Regional PE Coordinator, Hille B. Issaka PE Teacher KOSEC, Dakora Thomas Aquinas, PE Tutor NANSEC, Isaac Puodong, Nandom Rural Bank, Hamidu Ali, NANSEC, Moses Muossi, St Johns Tutor, Ziem Alexander, Nandom Technical School, Ali Aminu Asiedu, A.M. Jugula, PE Coordinator Wa West District

Mr. Boniface is currently the Race Director and Head Coach of High Morale Athletics Academy.

The great Tengmaal Cultural Groupe ‘Our Culture, Our Pride’ was also there to entertain the guests and patrons of the occasion. The display and performance of the colourful traditional dance and song were applauded by all the audience in the auditorium.

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