Report: Kenya Defence Forces Cross Country Championships

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The Kenya Defence Forces Cross Country Championships was held at the Moi Airbase in Nairobi on Friday, January 07, 2022

Hellen Obiri won the Kenya Defence Force (KDF) Cross Country in 32:49.50 seconds, with Joyce Chepkemoi finishing second in 33:12.04 and 2020 winner Sheila Chepkirui in 33:24.01 seconds placed third following closely behind Chepkemoi.


Despite having 2021 runners-up Chepkemoi and 2020 champion Chepkirui for company in the first three circuits, two-time world champion Obiri dominated all five laps. After the third lap, Obiri broke away from the leading group.

“I will start with the Half Marathons and then do track. There’s the World Championship and Commonwealth Games coming up. I will do 5,000 metres,” said Obiri when asked about her plans for 2022.

“Before the Madrid race, I had challenges but kuvunjika kwa mwiko si mwisho wa upishi”, she said in her local dialect which means “my no-show in Madrid was not the end of the world.”


Leading results

1.Hellen Obiri (Laikipia Air Base) – 32:49.50 seconds

2.Joyce Chepkemoi (Laikipia Air Base) – 33:12.31 seconds

3.Sheila Chepkirui (Thika) – 33:24.03 seconds

4.Purity Komen (Isiolo) 33:36.22 – seconds

5.Pauline Korikwang (Moi Air Base) – 33:52.15 seconds

6.Perine Nengapi (Moi Air Base) – 33:54.75 seconds

7.Valentine Chepkoech (Lanet) – 33:56.93 seconds

8.Nespine Jepleting (Isiolo) – 33:59.78 seconds

9.Dorcas Kimeli (Moi Air Base) – 34:02.29 seconds

10.Sela Jepleting (Lanet) – 34:05.90 seconds

Men Race

At the Kenya Defense Forces Cross Country Championships on Friday, Eric Kiptanui upset a strong field by winning the men’s 10km event at Moi Air Base in Nairobi in 29:20.59 seconds while after a time of 29:21.05 seconds, Collins Koros finished second, with Vedic Cheruiyot coming in third in 29:28.10 seconds.
For the first three laps, former world half marathon record holder Kandie was in the lead group, but faded as Koros, Vedic Cheruiyot, and Kiptanui traded the lead.


“My opponents were better prepared but I thank God for the position I have finished. I had knee problems during my preparations. These problems started during the national country championships on the muddy course of the Ngong Racecourse. My plans for 2022 is to do 10,000m on the track,” said the former World Half Marathon Record Holder, KIbiwott Kandie.

Leading results

1.Eric Kiptanui (Embakasi) 29:20.59

2.Collins Koros (Kahawa Garrison) 29:21.45

3.Vedic Cheruiyot (Mtongwe) 29:23.78

4.Fredrick Morang’a (Isiolo) 29:28.02

5.Wilson Too (Kahawa Garrison) 29:29.53

6.Abel Mutai (Marsabit) 29:35.29

7.Kibiwott Kandie (Embakasi) 29:38.49

8.Peter Mwaniki (Nanyuki) 29:41.50

9.Edmon Kipng’etich (Embakasi) 29:52.08

10.John Chepkwony (Thika) 29:57.09


“Ssgt Hellen Obiri and Gunner Erick Kiptanui won today’s 10km race in 32:49:50 and 29:20:55 respectively at the 41st KDF cross country champions held at Moi Air Base. The Isiolo team carried the day’s 4×2 mixed relay. Moi Air Base emerged overall winner”

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