Reconsider Resuming School Sports – Seb Coe To Ghana Gov’t

Reconsider Resuming School Sports – Seb Coe To Ghana Gov’t

Seb Coe, President of World Athletics, has urged Ghana’s government to reconsider resuming school sports. He has asked Ghana’s government to “do everything they possibly can” to safely re-start school athletics in the country. Reconsider resuming school sports – Seb Coe to Ghana gov’t.

Since March 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic forced the government to establish limitations in an attempt to manage the pandemic, organised school sports in Ghana have been suspended.

All sporting activities in the country were halted as part of these measures. There have been numerous campaigns to bring the school back for the past few months.

Since then, the government has lifted restrictions, allowing professional sports including golf, tennis, football, and athletics to return.

School sports, on the other hand, were still outlawed across the country.

Sebastian Coe told Citi Sports Editor Fentuo Tahiru in an interview with some selected African Journalists that re-starting school sports are important not just for athletics, but also for the entire well-being of school children.

“While we will not contradict governments or local health authorities on how they believe the virus should be contained, I would stress that physical activity is a crucial aspect of children’s social skills and mental well-being,” he said.

“So, where possible, within the confines of safety, I would always encourage governments to do everything they can to ensure that young people have a physical outlet; because this will help them with their schoolwork, their self-esteem, and their mental health.”

“I would encourage the [Ghana] government to do all possible, safely, to sustain school sports activity and the ability for young people to access outdoor space to exercise,” he added.

The school sports in Ghana have produced a lot of great athletes for the nation. School sports serve as the primary unearthing and nurturing of talents in any country.

Sports development must start from scratch if only want our youth to take it seriously. Through school sports, most of the athletes have gained scholarships to study abroad. per our source can state that the school will return again from next year. The school’s sports are also among the biggest sporting events that are being organised in the country.

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