Prepare A Timetable To Suit Athletes – Benjamin Azamati To Ghana Schools

Prepare A Timetable To Suit Athletes – Benjamin Azamati To Ghana Schools

Ghanaian sensational sprinter, Olympian Benjamin Azamati has called for a special schedule for student-athletes in our various schools in Ghana if we really want to develop athletics.

There have been concerns that the academic schedule in Ghana schools does not favour the student-athletes when they are in school.

This has rendered most of the athletes stop the sports and focus on their studies.

The former University of Ghana student who is now in West Texas A&M University in a live Facebook interaction with fans indicated that in the United States, the academic schedule is made flexible for student-athletes.

“When drawing a schedule, it is considered, they know that there is student-athlete be it football, basketball, golf they know that people are on scholarship and they need to do the reason why they are on scholarship that is to run, play the soccer.

So factor that into your schedule, your advisors have to get classes so you’ll be able to go for practice. You are going to be excused.

When you want to go to meet and then when there’s the exam you’ll write it when you come back but it’s not like that in Ghana, you are not going to be excused because the academics come first. But here in the US, they factor that”, said Azamati.

The 2021 Olympian further suggested the sporting career of student-athletes must be considered in their academic schedules to help them maintain their scholarships.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Athletics Association, Mr. Bawa Fuseini also made the same statement on a live interview on GTVsports+. According to him, Ghanaian schools don’t value sports so if it’s very difficult for athletes to perform when in school.

The purpose of the Facebook interaction was to talk about the maiden edition of the upcoming Junior Olympics Championships. The event is scheduled from 17th – 18th of December 2021.

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