Pounded Yam Recipe | How To Prepare Pounded Yam in Nigeria

Pounded Yam Recipe | How To Prepare Pounded Yam in Nigeria

Pounded Yam Recipe | How To Prepare Pounded Yam in Nigeria
Pounded Yam with stew

By: Maryam Ibrahim

This delectable Nigerian delicacy, which has graced many dinner tables, parties, restaurants, and ceremonies, is a must-try for all. Pounded Yam Recipe | How to prepare Pounded Yam in Nigeria.

Pounded Yam
The pounded yam is a delicious Nigerian delicacy that you should try. It has a long history among the Yorubas and may be traced back many years.

Iyan is a clump of yam chunks pounded or mashed with a mortar and pestle, blender, or mixer, similar to mashed potatoes.

The method results in a smooth, sticky dough, which differs slightly from mashed potatoes.

It goes well with a variety of excellent stews and soups, such as egusi soup (melon seed soup) or eforiro (leafy vegetable stew). On the same platter or on a separate plate, serve the soup.

At weddings, parties, and other events, pounded yam is typically eaten with the hand or cutlery.

It’s a nutritious meal that can be served for lunch or dinner. Iyan is a popular Nigerian dish that is enjoyed by people all over the country. Everyone can enjoy this meal especially for athletes after a workout after 30 minutes you need to eat a heavy meal like pounded yam.

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