Policemen have arrested Muaz Magaji – Reporters

Policemen have arrested Muaz Magaji – Reporters

Policemen have arrested Muaz Magaji - Reporters
Policemen have arrested Muaz Magaji – Reporters

Nigeria | Lagos

One of the fiercest critics of the governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduje. He was arrested through the police after a stay tv interview at Trust TV in Utako, Abuja around 9:15 pm.

Although police are but to talk at the arrest, witnesses advised that Mr. Magaji become chased through the police right now after leaving the tv station office according to Daily Nigeria. “A short while in the past something sincerely unfortunate, worrisome, and regrettable took place alongside Ngozi Okonjo Iwela manner through TOS Benson Crescent junction.

Engr Magaji Muazu becomes driven into a coincidence wherein his Honda vehicle become driven off the street and made to hit an avenue mild pole.

Although he got here out of the automobile searching unharmed, however, all of the airbags are out. Apparently, it become a police operation due to the fact he become right now arrested and forcefully taken to the Utako police station.

As I write this I was on the scene securing his vehicle and we’re now on our manner to the police station. His bag and the battery of his vehicle are with me,” stated a witness. On January 17, police in Kano invited Mr. Magaji to reply to questions concerning a petition in opposition to him.

He but despatched his legal professionals to the command in preference to performing in person, after which filed an essential enforcement case in opposition to the police.
Source: Daily Nigerian

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