(PICTURES) A Lady Shares Her Weight Loss Success Transformation Journey And Guess What Happened

(PICTURES) A Lady Shares Her Weight Loss Success Transformation Journey And Guess What Happened
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A lady has shared her weight lose success transformation journey and guess the comments trooping in by her fans. (PICTURES) A lady shares her weight loss success transformation journey and guess what happened.
According to a post sited by Athleticshour on Facebook with the name as Felicity Nelson.
Sometimes others give up on the way and always give up.
It is always amazing to share a story for others to know the end results.
She has motivated others and many congratulated her and others are saying they are starting their own journey now.
I just stumbled on these pictures whilst going through my phone
Two years ago, I would pant when I walked for a few minutes
I couldn’t cross my legs comfortably
I couldn’t bend to tie my heel straps comfortably
I would be heaving after climbing up a flight of stairs
I did this to my body by eating like eating was going out of fashion and never engaging in any exercise
In June 2019, a week to my birthday I decided to engage the services of a personal trainer Qojo Physik
I had the ridiculous expectation of wanting to lose weight in time for my birthday… my birthday was a week away.
Of course I didn’t lose weight
I actually didn’t lose any weight for the first two months because I wasn’t willing to make the necessary dietary adjustments
I wanted to continue to eat with impunity
I soon learnt that you can’t out exercise a bad diet
When I started cutting down my portions, I lost 8kg in one month
It hasn’t been easy
I have plateaued
I have gained weight some months
I have felt discouraged but I still kept going
I am not a weight loss journey, I’m on a healthy living journey
This is a lifetime agenda
I’m now 23kg lighter
I have a 26 inch waist
I can jog for 5km without stopping
I can walk up the Aburi Mountain without needing my inhaler
I can comfortably cross my legs
I can tie up my shoelaces
I just feel better
You can also make that change or you can make excuses…it’s all up to you
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