Patience Nsobila The Ghanaian Female Wonder Kid Athlete

Patience Nsobila The Ghanaian Female Wonder Kid Athlete

Early life

Patience Nsobila The Ghanaian Female Wonder Kid Athlete

Patience Nsobila the young talented wonder kid athlete in Ghana whose dream is to become world champion. Patience Nsobila started her primary education at the Sumbrungu Primary School in the Bolgatanga Municipal District. Bolgatanga, colloquially known as Bolga, is a town and the Capital of the Bolgatanga Municipal District and Upper East Region of Ghana. Bolgatanga is adjacent to the border with Burkina Faso. Bolgatanga has over 2012 settlement and a population of about 66,685 people as of 2012 population census. Bolgatanga is 161 kilometers to the North of Tamale. Patience Nsobila is now twelve years old (12) and she is now in basic six (6)  at Sumbrungu Primary School. Patience Nsobila The Ghanaian Female Wonder Kid Athlete.


Although Patience Nsobila is a very young athlete but at her level she has achieved a lot as compared to her other age mates. Patience has been competing in the annual basic school games and she has written her name in the records books already. Patience Nsobila won the 1500 meters and the 3000 meters respectively. Patience Nsobila’s times are the best at the annual basic school athletics festival at the local level in Sumbrungu, Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region in February 2020.

Patience Nsobila disclosed that although training and learning is not easy but I am serious and committed to my education and training as well. In fact, it is not easy combining education and training but with the help of my coach, we are able to achieve this by proper planning, time management and maintaining discipline. Patience Nsobila The Ghanaian Female Wonder Kid Athlete

Mr. Simon A. Atuah (Coach Simon)

Mr. Simon A. Atuah (Coach Simon) is the personal coach for the wonder kid Patience Nsobila. How Patience Nsobila was discovered by Coach Simon ‘I actually scouted her in year 2018 where she was taking part in the basic school annual athletics festival games in Sumbrungu (West B. Circuit) there in Bolgatanga, Upper East Region. When I saw her, I could see she is a potential and a promising athlete in the coming years as coach. She says she actually enjoys running because she use to run in the village with her siblings’.

She is currently training and getting prepared for the Adenta-Ashiyie road race in Accra, Greater Accra.

Patience Nsobila enjoys running and she wants to continue and become one of the best runners in the world.

Patience is a potential and a good material if only she gets the right form of training and guidance.

She had a time trial in 1500m of 5:24.88secs in March 2021 during a trial training session.

I want to use this opportunity to seek help from the general public, schools, institutions, sports administrators, sports lovers, philanthropist, companies , NGO’s, individuals to come and help this young and upcoming talent to realise her dream in sports. Patience Nsobila The Ghanaian Female Wonder Kid Athlete.

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