Pastor on Date Rush?

Pastor on Date Rush?

Some session of Ghanaians especially student teachers of Dambai College of Education could not believe what they saw on Date Rush on TV3 last Sunday Night.

A level 300 student-teacher pursuing a Bachelor of Education in RME and Music at DACE was seen on Date Rush last Sunday. This shouldn’t be a topic of discussion, after all, the program is open to all. However, the student whose name could not be revealed now because of privacy is known to be a powerful man of God. He is known to be a Pastor in the house and also a Denomination Head on campus. Colleagues students, Lecturers, and his congregation seeing him on Date Rush were least expected of him.

The question they keep on asking is, what must have influenced his decision to be featured on the show?. Because the show is assumed to be meant for “worldly people”. Is he looking for a Date? Or he is just looking for popularity? If he is looking for a Date, can’t he find any beautiful lady among his congregation? Level 100,200,300 and even 400 of his colleagues are there. Can’t he find any lady among them?. And if he is looking for popularity is that the appropriate platform for a man of God to seek popularity?. These are the questions his colleague students, Lecturers, and congregation cannot get their heads around.

The comments coming from the public are funny and at the same time serious. Some were calling him names like “Osofo Date Rush”. Scolding him: “You are not a true man of God” “How can a pastor go to Date Rush?”. “Ɛnka Osofo deɛ Date Rush fa wo ho bɛn? Threatening him that: “You, come and organize church service, let’s see.” “If I see you preaching again you will see”
We are disappointed in you. Who appointed you in the first place? Anyway, just on a lighter note. Amanfoɔ kasa oo…boi.

Let’s hear what he has to say after the incident.
“Hello, greetings to everyone listening to me right now, my name is Frank Alex Fireman. I will like to talk about issues letting me trending for some days now. Yes I am trending for some days now and as I am talking now, I am not in good condition but I know God is my strength. I will like to apologize to everybody who I have hurt and everybody who is disappointed.

I will like to tell the world how I got into this or how I participated in the program (Date Rush). This show was shot last year. And in 2019/2020 I was acting. I was into the movie industry so I was acting. In 2020 my friend called me. He works at TV3, so he called asking to help him shoot the show because they needed some people for the show. So I went and wrote my name because by then I was acting. In September of 2021, they called me to come and shoot the show.

Moreover, I went there because I was acting. I was an actor by then.

Two, I went there because I thought it was something just funny, Just something fun.

I also thought that I could also get the opportunity to tell people about Christ, that is it. So I shot that last year. I was just there this Saturday and they sent me a flyer and a picture of me that I’m gonna be on the show.

But I wanna put this on record that even though the show was shot last year, I have never posted anything about Date Rush since I went to the show. That means it was not in my mind for anything. Three, I went there because I was an actor. Again, I went there with a purpose and with a different mindset, not what people are thinking. But because it has already caused harm, I just wanna say a big sorry to everybody and apologize to everybody I have hurt and disappointed. Thank you very much. And please, I need your prayers and encouragement. I am really depressed and in a bad condition now. Thank you all, bye-bye”

Should we celebrate people’s bad times or encourage them to rise?.
Is true that a city on a hilltop cannot be hidden. Assuming it is someone ”else” NO NEWS but because it is “a man of God”…  Pastor on Date Rush?. Date Rush de asɛm bɛba.

By Amanor Joshua

By Joshua Amanor

Google certified project manager, professional teacher in the making and cross country, 5000m and 1500m Athlete.

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